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If you have found your pet's health carer has been unable to assist with your problems, kinesiology will reach the core issue/s and facilitate healing. 

When balancing your pet, or animal friend, we include you in the balance. You may also surrogate for your pet, or animal friend, during the session.

Issues include, although are not limited to, constant itching and scratching with fleas or parasites present/not present, changes in behaviour, such as toileting inappropriately (eg on the carpet), excessive barking, unhealthy coat and so on.

Horses are particularly responsive to kinesiology. 

If you have noticed behavioural changes in your horse, or your horse exhibits fear, bucks, rears, bites, kicks, is anxious, won't go in the float, won't be caught and so on, I can work with you and your horse to alleviate these issues.

I have worked successfully with a range of animal species from birds to pigs, dogs and cats, to goats and horses.

It is amazing how much stress they carry with them and how it manifests as anything from behavioural issues to illness and disease. 

For example, I have balanced and cleared mastitis in dairy goats, pain and stiffness in dogs as well as hair loss in cats among many other issues.