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How can kinesiology assist you?  Kinesiology gets to the bottom of your health and well being issues.  Did you know illness, disease and injury are not a given?  Kinesiology allows you to heal and live a quality life.


Kinesiology is the language of the body.  Our body holds so much information, and with muscle testing I am able to tap into that extensive store of knowledge.  By finding out the underlying causes of health issues, we can then, together, work towards a wellness path.


With kinesiology I can tailor a healing plan to the individual.  Kinesiology allows us to discover amazing insights into ourselves and to understand why an illness or disease has manifested.  With understanding comes clarity, and so, a way forward emerges!


Kinesiology can assist any number of problems.  I can work with muscles and assist athletic performance.  I can test foods to see how your body reacts to them.  I have assisted children with their learning at school by working with the brain and emotions.  The list really is endless because with kinesiology we are clearing blockages within the individual, rather than focusing on a named problem or disease.


I also work with animals.  They are incredibly receptive, and it is amazing what we discover about them, and why they are ill or behaving a particular way, by using the modality of kinesiology!  It might seem that your horse or dog is misbehaving.  What if they are not deliberately being naughty?  Perhaps there is an underlying health issue or fear that they are acting out from.  Kinesiology can get to the bottom of this and provide solutions to resolve it.


Kinesiology is also a fantastic tool for those wanting to achieve their goals.  What's stopping you?  It may be fear, or your belief systems, which are preventing you from stepping up and getting yourself out there.  I recently began running.  Over the years I have tried and always, always, copped an injury right before an event!  Talk about sabotage!  Well, by clearing the sabotages, and blockages, and fear, and limiting beliefs, I now am able to run 3-4 times per week.  I have completed a couple of fun runs and cannot believe it! I am a runner!  It is so cool!  You might not care about running, maybe you want to start up a new business, learn an instrument?  What's stopping you?  Kinesiology can help you find out and assist you forward.


I am a passionate kinesiologist working from North-east Victoria and also worldwide via Skype. I specialise in identifying the underlying causes of health and well being issues and clearing and correcting them using a variety of kinesiology techniques.  Kinesiology works on the underlying causes of health and well being issues, balancing the entire being. 

Kinesiology is done with the client fully clothed and lying on a massage table.  I use gentle muscle monitoring to access information around the issue you want to work on.  Nothing comes up that you cannot deal with.  You will leave your balance feeling refreshed and, often, lighter. 

Usually there will some home reinforcement or 'homework' to do.  3-5 sessions may be required, although often 'stuff' is cleared and dealt with in the first session.